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Jack Guerrero


California Treasurer

Jack Guerrero brings a unique combination of public and private sector experience, with a quintessential American story. Jack’s experience as Mayor, City Councilmember, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Stanford economics graduate, Harvard MBA, Bank Vice President, Treasury professional, auditor of municipalities and government agencies, investment banker, and M&A due diligence advisor to Fortune 500 companies (with professional stints in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and Zurich) – establishes him as the candidate with BOTH Treasury experience AND a public service record of fighting for taxpayers and working people. 

Jack Guerrero for California Treasurer  


Angela Underwood Jacobs


Lt. Governor

Angela Underwood Jacobs has established a successful career as a bank executive and holds an admirable and distinguished record of service – on the city council and in many charitable endeavors. She is a proud wife and mother. 

As a community banker, Angela helps people live their American Dream – purchase their first home, receive a loan to launch a small business, or by learning to save and invest for retirement. As a City Councilmember and now as Deputy Mayor, Angela has experienced firsthand how government impacts its citizens on the ground level – and how the state and federal government impacts families and businesses.

Angela for California 

Mark Meuser.jpg

Mark Meuser


US Senate


Mark Meuser is a native Californian with a proven record of fighting for your constitutional rights. 

By age 15, he was in a management position at a local restaurant. By age 21, he purchased his own pizza restaurant. While his restaurant business was thriving, Meuser started studying law. A few years later, he graduated with honors from Oak Brook College of Law. Meuser’s unique training has taught him how to listen to people, formulate creative alternatives, and achieve workable solutions to real problems.

As an attorney, Meuser secured an important victory for disabled Americans against United Airlines. In Gilstrap v. United Airlines, Meuser represented a disabled American injured by United when it failed to follow applicable federal law in how it handled her travel. The 9th Circuit agreed with Meuser that federal law permitted disabled Americans to sue airlines if those airlines failed to care for passengers as the law provided.

In 2017, Meuser joined the Dhillon Law Group where he has focused on Election, Political, and Constitutional Law. At Dhillon Law Group, he has had the privilege of protecting critical First Amendment rights, for example, by defending Troy Worden from a frivolous lawsuit brought against him by Yvette Felarca, a national organizer for the organization By Any Means Necessary, one of antifa’s front groups. Meuser was also involved in a lawsuit against Governor Gavin Newsom when California tried to remove President Trump’s name from the primary ballot by unconstitutionally changing the qualifications to run for President. Over the last year, Meuser has been involved in 22 lawsuits brought against Newsom for his unconstitutional usurpation of power as a result of COVID-19.

Mark Meuser for US Senate


Mike Garcia

for U.S. Congress

With my experience, I know what needs to be done and I wouldn’t be able to look my 2 young boys in the face and tell them I had the opportunity to make things right, but I chose not to. The sacrifices to my family and me are significant but there is nothing more important than this today. We need to be aggressive this time.

Mike Garcia for Congress

wes hallman.webp

Wes Hallman


U.S. Congress

I am running for Congress because I believe we are on the wrong track and our District is not well represented in Congress. I am a proven leader who has served our Nation for 27 years in uniform and I'm ready to continue to do so as your Congressman. If elected US Representative California District 28, I will fight for our community and earn your respect every day.

Wes Hallman for Congress

Lucie V.png

Lucie Volotzky

for Congress

As an immigrant, and as a woman, there was a sense of pride and satisfaction when I went into the polling booth to cast my vote for a candidate or issue. As an adult I am fully accustomed to the outcome not correlating with the way I voted, but I respected the vote of those who made other choices and voted in accordance with their values.

But failing to elect someone or pass or defeat an issue due to others positions and votes is not the same as having to exercise my right to vote in a system designed to influence the outcome rather than respect ones right to vote.

Much too often abusees or misdeeds are accepted and written off as a unintended consequence of a system where there are too few resources, personnel or even public interest.

Low voter turnout has become the norm rather than the exception.

Coming through this past election cycle, the challenges and questionable behavior due to a mass ballot dump into a system which has failed to maintain accurate and creditable voter rolls, is not the model for National Policy.

The Right to Vote by Minorities and Women came at such a high cost that we cannot diminish that right, especially in the name of “For the People Act”. I stand for Voting Rights and against HR1 and the attempt to institutionalize Voting Rights Abuse.

Lucie Volotzky for Congress

eric ching - Copy.jpg

Eric Chen Candidate


Congress District 38 

I am running for Congress because I believe that I was called to serve. As a Congressional member, I promise to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. With my 9 years of experience serving in local government, as well as my 30 years of experience managing a business, I believe that I am the best person to improve our congressional district. 


In 2012, I was elected to serve as a member of the Walnut City Council. I was then re-elected in 2016 and 2020. In 2016-2017, I served as the Mayor and twice as the Mayor Pro Tempore. Before joining the City Council, I was the President of the Chinese American Association of Walnut, bringing attention to the Asian community and providing support for those in need. During my service on the Council, the City has maintained over 100% of reserves, was ranked the 17th safest city in California by Patch in 2017, and was voted 49th as the best city to live in by Money Magazine in 2013. While I cannot completely accredit these accomplishments to myself, we were able to build up this beautiful City due to the relationship between the City, residents, and public agencies.


Over the course of the last decade, I have dedicated my life to helping others through volunteer work. While volunteering at local churches and non-profit organizations, I have gained a passion for working with others and serving my community. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I was blessed with the opportunity to distribute food, supplies, and face masks to thousands of people, including seniors in the housing communities. As a mental health advocate, I have teamed up with a few of my friends to support those who have struggled with substance abuse. Through various treatment centers, we have been able to provide many resources to help victims get their lives back on track. As a frequent blood donor at the Red Cross and Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, I have learned to become more compassionate for others and to dedicate my life to serving the people.

Eric Ching for Congress


Burton Brink

for Assembly

Burton Brink has dedicated his entire life to public service. As a retired sergeant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, he has demonstrated his professional ethics, morals, and accountability to the people of Los Angeles County. 

Burton Brink

suzette V.jpg

Suzette Martinez Valladares

California Assembly

She grew up in the San Fernando Valley, the granddaughter of a farmworker who worked alongside Cesar Chavez in the vineyards near Bakersfield. She was blessed with loving parents who valued education, family and community responsibility.


After college, she remained close to home serving as a district representative for former local Congressman Buck McKeon. During that time she was honored as a “SCV 40 under Forty” by the Santa Clarita Business Journal. In 2012, Suzette left the public sector and became Executive Director of Southern California Autism Speaks. Her career is based on serving others, with a passion for early childhood education and advocacy.

Suzette was elected to the California State Assembly with 76% of the vote in November 2020. Assemblywoman Valladares was selected to serve as the Vice Chair of the Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media Committee, and on the Assembly Committees on the Budget (Education Finance, Public Safety Subcommittees), Communications and Conveyance, Rules, and Higher Education.

Suzette and her husband Shane live in Santa Clarita with their daughter Charlette.


Suzette for Assembly

jessica martinez.jpg

Jessica Martinez


State Assembly

Vote Jessica Martinez November 3rd. Jessica is a City Council Member, educator, wife, mother, concerned citizen who WILL: Protect our FAITH Protect our FAMILIES Protect our FREEDOM & Protect us from TYRANNIC SOCIALISM.


Jessica Martinez is running for the 57th Assembly District seat in California. This district includes Whittier, Hacienda Heights, La Mirada, La Habra Heights, Santa Fe Springs and additional areas in the eastern section of Los Angeles County.


Jessica Martinez State Assembly 

dana c.jpg

Dana Caruso


State Assembly District 46

  • A retired LAUSD Educator & Assistant Principal

  • 15-year resident of the District

  • You deserve clean, safe communities

  • Less government intrusion and restrictions

  • Member and supporter of Local Control via Neighborhood Councils & Community Groups

  • Homelessness and Mental Health Solutions

Dana Caruso for State Assembly District 46

kate sanchez2.jpg

Kate Sanchez


State Assembly District 71

I was born and raised in California. I am a citizen just like you who is tired of our gutless state legislators representing special interests instead of the people they were elected to represent. I want to fight for my family and YOURS!

California parents like myself, business owners, employees, homeowners, and renters deserve better.

California is broken. Our once beautiful communities are filled with homelessness and criminals who have been given get-out-of-jail-free cards.


Sacramento policies have caused food, housing, and gas prices to explode and are the reasons businesses and people — your friends, neighbors, and families — are forced to leave our great state.


Unfortunately, Sacramento’s solution is to triple down on these failed policies, and that’s why I’m running.

Kate Sanchez for California Assembly 71

mike mcmahon.jpg

Mike McMahon

State Assembly

I am NOT a politician. I’m a 14 year veteran of the largest police department in southern California, the co-founder of a medical freedom coalition, and a father, These extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and it’s common men and women, like myself, like the framers of the constitution intended, who are forced to take up the mantle, to don the Armor of God, and fight off the evil in this world for the betterment of all. I have a personal stake in this game. I fight because I want to be a man that my children can look up to, and when they reflect back to these unprecedented times, say, “he did everything he could for us.” It’s time to reclaim California for our future generations to prosper in.


On June 7th, I respectfully ask for your WRITE-IN vote on the ballot. Help me to move through the primary election and onto the November general.

Mike McMahon for State Assembly


 Leticia Castillo


Assembly District 58

As a resident of Home Gardens, in Riverside County for five decades, I am a Conservative Republican running for the Assembly of California in the 58th District because the current lawmakers in Sacramento have failed the people of California in areas of Public Safety, Education, and Affordability. We need to send people to Sacramento who will do what is right for the people they are supposed to represent and not the special interest groups. I am ready to fight to save our beautiful state and the future of OUR Families!



Elaine Alaniz  


Assembly District 54

Envision a community so rooted and invested in serving one another. Where neighborhoods are empowered and equipped with access and resources to help our neighbors move towards goals, financial success, education, trade certifications, homeownership, and prosperity. Rethink Public Safety: Where we fund the resources that keep the community safe from violence and harm’s way, where we employ multiple strategies, including youth centers and services to prevent youth and young adults from joining gangs. Imagine how service would increase by working with leadership to restore the morale in the workplace for those in Public Service so that they can continue to serve our community with great pride and the best service. 

Raul Ortiz candidate


State Assembly District 64

Raul has been a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ for 39 years. He grew up in Norwalk, California and resides in La Mirada, California. He is a husband and father of eight (six girls and two boys). A proud husband, father and Reverend for the community.

Raul, never dreamed of running for office, but when things moved to a destructive socially and economically environment, he knew it was time to put on God’s armor and go to battle. Raul, decided to run for Assembly District 64 as it has been met with neglect, failed policies, chaos and turmoil. His concerns are safe neighborhoods, the homeless crisis, high taxes, CRT in school curriculums, open borders and drugs on the streets. Like any husband and father, there is a growing concern that is prominently visible of great concern of the direction this district is going in. However, there is hope. Raul is here to bring what is needed to this district to make a swift and effective change.

Rev. Raul Ortiz Jr., will eliminate unconstitutional mandates, protect the life of every unborn and born child, medical freedom, election integrity, honor our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights, proper education and full parental rights just to name a few. With Rev. Raul Ortiz’s moral and principled conscience and stature, the 64th District can expect a productive, safe, successful community. It takes a village to build together, it takes the right leader to make it happen. With full confidence this district will be represented by a man, who will solely work for the people in his community.

lori mills2.jpg

Lori Mills candidate


State Assembly district 42

As a native Californian, Lori had become increasingly concerned about our state and state government. She saw the impact Sacramento politicians and their policies were causing in our communities.

California residents are enduring high taxes, a sharply increasing cost of living, a deteriorating education system, a worsening crime rate, and a homelessness and mental health problem that has evolved into a humanitarian crisis.  Californians are losing trust in elected politicians. Productive working families, businesses and high paying jobs are leaving for other states in large numbers.

Motivated to turn things around in her home state and apply her experience as a successful businesswoman, Lori Mills announced her candidacy for State Assembly.  She is committed to save California by reestablishing needed checks and balances in Sacramento and ensuring that our elected officials place the needs of Californians ahead of their own. Lori Mills’ policy priorities include reigning in government spending, improving public safety, improving services for the homeless and those with mental health needs, creating a parents’ bill of rights, and ending government overreach.




Claudia Agraz 


State Senate District 26

 I'm a native Angeleno, and I have always been active in my community for my neighbors, family, and our city. 

Career politicians have negatively impacted our livelihood, businesses,  jobs, and our families, and they have put our children's education at risk without any concern for their well-being.  The consequences on our economy and small businesses in our communities have been devastating and many closed their doors indefinitely. It's also caused irreparable harm to children and youth's mental health, it's impacted for the past 2+ years. 


Our current local government representatives have trampled all over our God-given, inalienable rights. These destructive policies have caused many small businesses to close down, which has negatively affected our economy in Los Angeles due to political over-reach.  


As many businesses are still on the brink and are trying to recover they are barely able to make ends meet.   While our local economy has contracted others have had to shutter their business entirely.  As the migration to other states continues we are losing more businesses and hard-working Angelinos' due to bad judgment and policy.

We're being pressured to surrender our God-given rights, including the right to simply breathe without due process of proof of there being an Immediate threat to personal health with a Medical Affidavit.  


In addition to the spike in crime that has put many innocent civilians at risk in many of our communities. Enough is enough.  We must support safety policies that reflect the people's needs.   People of Los Angeles County should feel safe walking out their door without fear of their lives and peace of mind.

Stand with me and as we stand together we can bring "The City of Angels" back to what makes Los Angeles a diverse, friendly, and vibrant city. A global destination.

We all deserve to be part of the American Dream and live in Los Angeles and have pride in our city and communities and create an enriching environment for generations to come.


Claudia For Senate CA

download (2).jpg

Kristina Irwin


State Senate District 24

I am a strong Christian pro-Israel woman who happens to be a working mom with three young kids, a full-time wife, and a real estate agent. When Covid hit and the schools shut down – the lockdowns, the mask mandates, and the vaccine passports, I knew I had to do something. I saw how Covid was affecting my kids and I knew they couldn’t be the only ones. The school shutdowns and the mandates have affected all kids, especially the special needs kids, and the minority communities. Affecting them mentally, socially, and emotionally. And, now with Covid almost gone, our so-called leaders in Sacramento want to implement Covid bills that are unethical and unnecessary and will have a horrific long-lasting impact on our State and our communities and it must stop. I am running in order to shut them down. I am here to be your voice. The voice of concerned parents, grandparents, and kids. Our medical freedom is in danger. I look forward to being the new bold in your face – can’t stop me

woman – hear me roar – in Sacramento, and I can’t wait to get to work.

Kristina Irwin for State Senate District 24 

Mitch_home_ - Copy.jpg

Mitch Clemmens candidate


State Senate District 30

I’ve spent my whole life in and around the district I am running for. Born in La Mirada, raised in Whittier and Norwalk, and attended high school in Santa Fe Springs. When I married my wife in 2000 we moved to La Habra and raised our 3 kids there for 18 years before moving to our current home in Whittier 3 years ago.

I am a man of faith. I trust God for all things, and I do my best to follow Him. This leads me to desire to care for others in my community. I have been involved in many community service efforts throughout the years, mostly through the church I attended. I participated in the relief efforts in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina to serve the local community in Bay St. Louis. I’ve encouraged my employees and we brought a dozen of them with us to help sort items for the needy at Giving Children Hope in Fullerton, CA on several occasions over the years. And my wife and I have assisted in different food and clothing ministries to the poor and homeless. I believe serving others is not only encouraged by our Lord, but it also gives hope to the person in need, and is such an important way to give back to our society.

I’ve been a business owner in the plumbing industry for over 20 years, serving our communities, my customers, and my employees. My goal when going into business was to offer top quality plumbing services at fair prices and to put the overpriced plumbers out of business. Over the years I have trained many plumbers, and the ones that serve the customers the same way I do I help get their own plumbing license and help them start their business. By doing this I lose my best plumbers, but when they start their business in another area and do the same thing in a new community, provide top quality plumbing services at fair prices, everybody wins. Having an attitude of serving others has helped me to be successful as a business owner and has enabled me to help many others learn this same attitude in business.

I’ve also worked in the corporate world as an operations manager. It was my responsibility to take a bankrupt $180 mil / year distribution company and make the operations profitable again. I was able to use my leadership and teaching skills, data collection and analysis skills, and my ability to listen and work with others to find the best solutions to any given problem. Solving complex issues requires listening to the people to understand their problems. I analyzed each department, worked with the area managers, supervisors, and staff to determine solutions, and then implemented the new solutions together with the team in each department. 

Elect Mitch Clemmons


Vincent Tsai candidate


State Senate District 22

I was born and raised in California. I’ve lived here my entire life, so I’ve seen first-hand how politicians have made this state a harder place to live. Homelessness has gotten consistently worse, crime has risen dramatically, and California has some of the most repressive covid rules in the country.

On top of that, the prices of homes have risen to a level that makes it difficult for many people to afford a home, let alone, rent.
It is because of those factors, that a mass exodus of Californians are leaving to other states that offer more personal liberties and higher quality of life. Instead of leaving with them, I have vowed to stay in this state to help be part of the solution to make California a great place to live in again.

​I am currently happily serving LA County as a deputy sheriff, but in my current capacity as a law enforcement officer, my ability to affect positive change only goes so far. An accumulation
of events over the years, particularly the past two years, has motivated me to run for office. I do so not because I want to be a politician, but because I refuse to sit back and allow the degradation of our democracy and God-given freedoms to continue any longer: I want to affect change to make this state a better place to live. I don’t work with special interest groups that have me on their payroll and tell me what to do. I do not fraternize with lobbyists. I do not have million-dollar business deals with companies with ties to China. I am a lifelong California resident, an American, a regular person like all of you, who is tired of being strong-armed by an increasingly authoritarian government. I am just one person, but with all of your support, we will be a force of good to be reckoned with.


Together, we can make our neighborhoods, our cities, our counties, our state, and our country, a free and wonderful place for us to be in and for our children’s future. We should not be divided based on political party preference. We are all one people, interconnected, living here on this Earth together, at this specific time in history.

 Let us come together and turn things around.


Barbara George


Newport Mesa Unified School District

Barbara George is a five-year resident of Newport Beach, a City Arts Commissioner, wife and mother of five who is active in her community and church.

Shortly after settling into the community, Barbara volunteered as a classroom mom at her children’s schools for six years where she participated in field trips, reading to classes, holiday presentations and general in classroom assistance for teachers. She actively participated in her children’s lacrosse, soccer, football and gymnastics teams. 

Since 2021 she has been a member of the Newport Beach Arts Commission where she spends her time actively promoting the arts and planning events and festivals for the community on behalf of the city government. 

As a concerned mother, Barbara regularly attends school board meetings to ensure that the curriculum that is being taught to her children and so many others in the district is wholesome and preparing them for adulthood. 

Barbara is active in the Hispanic community, as a community outreach liaison where she hosts backyard town halls in Spanish explaining to parents the dangers of critical race theory, as well as other critical issues facing the Hispanic community. 

Barbara has the endorsements of Orange County Board of Education trustees Mari Barke, Lisa Sparks and Tim Shaw, as well as Newport Beach City Councilwoman Diane Dixon, Education and School Choice Advocate Rebecca Freidrichs and many other members of the Orange County community. 

As your next Trustee for District 4 on the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, Barbara will continue her dedication to ensuring that our children have the highest quality public education with state of the art facilities, modern technology, advanced safety measures to protect our children on campus, and appropriate educational material to prepare them for higher education and adulthood. 

Newport-Mesa schools have always been some of the best educational environments in the nation. As a mother whose children are currently in our community’s public schools, Barbara has every intention to make sure Newport-Mesa Unified School District remains one of the best places for your child’s education. 



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